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Nutrition for fuelling training and recovery

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Nutrition for Fuelling Training and Recovery is a mini course designed to teach you how to set up your nutrition to get the most out of your training and recovery, with some advice for racing too! While performance is the main focus of this resource, there's a strong emphasis on health, wellbeing, loving the food you eat and making it all work for you around your lifestyle. 

This resource includes: 


  • A 23 page PDF Ebook, detailing various considerations and strategies for endurance nutrition.
  • 2+ hours of additional video lecture content.
  • An Excel Spreadsheet calculator to help you work out your daily energy needs. (will be sent separately)


The aim of this mini course is to give you the confidence to make changes to your nutrition that will positively impact your performance by answering these three key questions:

  1. How much should we eat?

  2. What should we eat?

  3. When should we eat it?


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