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Imagine the results you would achieve if you had the luxury of a training plan made for you by the four-time Olympic medal winning legends The Brownlee Brothers - the greatest triathlete team ever!

What would it feel like, if you could finally break that stubborn triathlon PB (or even your 5k or 10k PB) that has been your nemesis for months or even years....? 

Imagine what you could achieve if you had the world's best triathlon training team on your side.... guiding you through your  training struggles....  

The most successful people in sport always have mentors and coaches behind them.  That special someone that has been there, done it, achieved it & won it.  Someone that can remove all the smoke and mirrors.  And tell you the exact steps you need to follow to succeed.  Our training plans can be that coach for you!  

We believe anyone can complete a triathlon, improve their performance and still enjoy their training…


  • Feeling overwhelmed by training information overload
  • Having all the expensive gear
  • Being stuck at the same level
  • Spending £500 a year on gym membership
  • Burning yourself out but seeing no gain for your efforts

There is nothing more frustrating than spending weeks training only to find you weren’t properly prepared for a race: knowing you could have done better, or worse - a 'Did Not Finish'.

If you only have a DIY training plan or are suffering from training information overload, you might not reach your triathlon or running goals…

There is a vast ocean of triathlon training advice out there. Much of it is conflicting and if it's not part of a complete, balanced training plan, can actually undermine your progress.

Why so many plans can actually reverse your progress and kill your gains...

The problem with most triathlon training programs is that they have you training way  too close to your max, way  too often.  Too much speed or too much volume is in fact the last thing you need.

This can put you in the danger zone.

Where you are more likely to pick up injuries, suffer exhaustion and setbacks than make progress.

Leaving you in reverse gear, feeling stranded....

Imagine if you had the luxury of having the best triathletes in the world on your team guiding you forward past the obstacles and pitfalls of triathlon training...

We believe a huge part of our success in triathlon and running is because we've had access to the world’s best training advice and coaches.   

Now, for the first time ever, we are making this available to YOU.... 



  • Easy-to-follow, structured & flexible training plan
  • Got only a few hours a week to train? No problem!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS  - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  • Support from private Facebook group - our expert coaches will answer your questions, including Ali & Jonny.
  • Suitable for triathlon distances: Sprint, Super Sprint or Olympic 
  • Results-based methods to maximise your progress
  • Long term training plans - 10 weeks or more
  • 5k or 10k running plans also available
  • Train like an athlete with our professional plans - download in PDF
  • Based on our own training programme honed over two decades

How we do things differently....

The Brownlee Fitness Method has been fine-tuned over our years in triathlon.  And it's brought us medals and world titles along the way. 

We have carefully honed our plans to minimise the time you spend in training danger zones and maximise the time you spend in progress-positive zones.

Which means you can experience more progress and less set-backs.

The Brownlee Fitness Method has always been unique. 

We use carefully positioned sessions and training volume in the optimum position to  maximise your fitness.

While balancing vital factors like performance goals, fatigue management, active recovery, training volume and speed to maximise your fitness and drive you on to your goals while still feeling fresh. 

Let us coach you with our training methods so you can enjoy the excitement and accomplishment of getting results in triathlon too.

About The Brownlee Brothers

We're Alistair and Jonny Brownlee also known as the Brownlee Brothers.  We're two ordinary brothers from Yorkshire who grew up with a love for exercise and the outdoors. 

We've lived and breathed triathlon since we were young and have since won every major title there is in triathlon:

Alistair Brownlee Triathlon Titles:  •Olympic Triathlon Gold Medal Winner 2012 & 2016
•ITU World Champion 2009 & 2011
•Commonwealth Games Champion 2014
• plus many more... 

Jonny Brownlee Triathlon Titles: •Olympic Triathlon Bronze Medal Winner 2012 
• Olympic Triathlon Silver Medal Winner 2016
• Commonwealth Games Silver Medal 2014
•ITU World Champion plus many more....

But it wasn't always this way...

Alistair: 'I remember when I was a schoolboy, my Dad taking me to my first cross country championship race.  I came 400th out of around 450 entrants.   Even though some kids were a few years older than me, nobody would have believed that the 400th placed kid in that race would ever have gone on to win gold in the Olympic triathlon.

It was only when I began following a training plan made by a professional coach that I started to see dramatic improvements...' 


We've won everything there is to win, so now we're giving you all the best training advice we've ever received from the world's best coaches and sports scientists, and condensed it down into one, easy-to-follow, efficient training plan for you.

It's the next best thing to having a professional coach by your side, at only a fraction of the price!

Plus you can ask us and the Brownlee Fitness team your questions about your training via our exclusive Facebook group which you can access immediately when you purchase your training plan!

The cornerstone of our training is to keep things as simple and fun as possible.


Exclusive insight into training methods used by the world’s best triathlon team



Train less so you can have more energy on race day with our balanced approach to training.



We guarantee we will provide you with a plan made for you with same structure used by ourselves : Olympic medal winning triathletes The Brownlee Brothers.



Our rest days are usually Fridays.  Just like us, you will have your own strategically placed rest days integrated with your plan to maximise your recovery and protect you from injury and fatigue.   


Professional Training Plans

Balanced training approach integrates your run, bike and swim sessions to maximise your recovery while progressively improving your fitness. 


Got only a few hours a week to train?  No problem!

We’ve even made it flexible enough to fit around your busy social, family and work calendar.  So if you need to swap or adjust some sessions around your schedule, you can.  It is simple.

You can walk confidently to the starting line, knowing you are properly prepared and can race full of energy, to the best of your ability and feel the improvement.

 Whether your aim is to complete your first triathlon…

Or if you’re ready to move up in your triathlon career...

Look no further than our world-class training plans designed by the world's best.

Give Yourself a Performance Advantage with a Training Plan Developed By The Brownlee Brothers and Brownlee Fitness!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Testimonials 

"After three years of self-coaching, I found that no matter how hard I trained I wasn't improving...within a matter of months I had qualified to represent GB at the European Championships in Lisbon..." 
James Garner -
Age Group 40-44
-Trained with Brownlee Fitness Training Plan and Coach 

"My goal was to earn a spot to represent Team GB at Age Group Triathlon….Programs are easy to follow…. Couldn’t have got there without him…"
Tej Thaker - GB Age Group Team
-Trained with Brownlee Fitness Training Plan and Coach

How much would YOU pay to be coached by the most decorated triathletes of our generation?

The question on your lips.....

How much does it cost?

Let us answer that for you: 

If you include just a few of the top coaches and sports scientists salaries that have helped us in our triathlon journey, it would soon come to hundreds of thousands of pounds....

And the average spend on a first time triathlon bike is around £1,650.   And you can achieve marginal gains by spending thousands more.... which works out at around £30 per week if you were to invest in a new bike!

Yet, with a Brownlee Fitness training plan, you can easily shave minutes off your time all for a fraction of the price of a bike!

The average gym membership is £10 per week and can leave you lost and overwhelmed with no plan of how to train or use the equipment properly.

We're providing you with an easy, step by step guide with our +10 week triathlon training plans starting at just £80 for a sprint distance to £90 for Olympic distance!  And only £50 for our 5k / 10k running plans! 
That is between only £6.25-7.50 per week!

A SAVING of between £2.50-£3.75 per week compared to the average price of a gym membership!

And that's probably less than you'd spend per week on energy gels or coffee at your local coffee shop!

Can you imagine having a world-class results-based training plan by the world's greatest triathletes and achieving your triathlon and running goals for such an affordable price?

IMAGINE what you can achieve....

PLUS, You'll also get our limited time offer of access to our Facebook group and online community 'The Hub'  worth £50 for FREE. 

Where you can put your training questions to the Brownlee Fitness dream team of elite triathletes:

Ali Brownlee - Olympic Gold Medal Winner 2012, 2016
Jonny Brownlee - Olympic Silver Medal Winner 2016, Bronze Medal 2012
Mark Buckingham - Four time British National Champion
Non Stanford - Olympic Triathlete & ITU World Champion 2013

There's more...

We're here to support you in
your training

Limited time offer! Training plans currently includes free access to Brownlee Fitness Facebook group 'The Hub' worth £50.  Put your training questions to our dream team of experts including Ali Brownlee, Jonny Brownlee, Non Stanford and Mark Buckingham!





Instant download so you can get started right away!


The Brownlee Brothers have been a huge success in triathlon and won every major title.  From WTS triathlon series to the commonwealth games to Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.   The Brownlee Brothers have truly conquered the world of triathlon.


If you find the level too easy, or too difficult, we guarantee to switch plans to one that more suits your level.  Free of charge!

Can you really afford to miss out on an offer like this?

The way I see it is you have two options:

Option 1: Close this page, keep trying what you've been doing, being frustrated with your lack of progress,  stuck at the same level and kick yourself for not investing in yourself and your health with this world-class training plan.

Option 2: 
The smart choice.
You decide that enough is enough.  You want a guaranteed way to train like a pro and achieve your triathlon and running goals for a fraction of the price of the cost of a gym membership. 

The choice is yours...
A quick reminder, here's what you'll get with a Brownlee Fitness Training Plan:. 

  • Minimum 10 week training plan devised by the world's best triathletes
  • Currently includes free access to private, exclusive Brownlee Fitness Facebook group 'The Hub' worth £50! - put your questions to the Brownlee Fitness dream team including Olympic medal winners Ali Brownlee, Jonny Brownlee, former ITU World Champion Non Stanford and Brownlee training partner and four time British National Champion Mark Buckingham!
  • Train like a real athlete
  • Flexible plan designed so you can re-arrange sessions around your busy social, family or work schedule
  • Breakthrough your fitness plateaus with our results-based training approach
  • Training plans designed to maximise your fitness for race day so you feel full of energy and feel fresh for the race
  • Get a better race day experience by feeling confident in the knowledge your plan will work
  • Proven training plans that provide significant gains in results, even if you don't have all the most expensive gear!

    Get all this and more.....

My goal was to earn a spot to represent Team GB at Age Group Triathlon….Programs are easy to follow…. Couldn’t have got there without him…

Tej Thaker - GB Age Group Team

After three years of self-coaching, I found that no matter how hard I trained I wasn't improving...within a matter of months I had qualified to represent GB at the European Championships in Lisbon..."


My goal was to earn a spot to represent Team GB at Age Group Triathlon….Programs are easy to follow…. Couldn’t have got there without him…

Tej Thaker - GB Age Group Team