Brownlee Fitness Pilates 


Re-charge and power up your Monday with Brownlee Fitness Pilates. Whether you’ve had a hard weekend of training or a long week of work ahead, this class makes for a great start to the week. The session blends strength and mobility training to strengthen the whole body, increase power, flexibility and coordination, improve efficiency of movement, and prevent injury.   


Benefits of Pilates  

The class is developed and run by a Physiotherapist who has tailored the exercises for the needs of endurance athletes – aiming to optimise performance and keep you injury free!  


The class will run for 45-50 mins and is open to all levels. 


About Fi 


Fiona is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, currently working in a private MSK physiotherapy clinic. When not working, she is usually found outdoors – whether that is running, walking, horse riding or cycling.