Olympic distance, So-called because it is the distance that was set out for triathlon’s introduction into the Olympic family of sports in the Sydney Olympics of 2000, this is a doubling of the distance from sprint: 1.5km of swimming, 40km of cycling and 10km of running. This step up should not be as hard as it sounds because most sprint distance training will involve over-distance sessions, but it will add to the hours, you need to put in more sessions to build up your endurance in each discipline.

Transitioning from sprint to Olympic will highlight any deficiencies in your skills: you can race a sprint and get away with being a little bit weaker in a discipline but that is not the case in Olympic – for example, a poor swim generally cannot be recovered in the bike and run legs. You will also find yourself doing sessions in the sport’s fourth discipline, transitions, where a race can be won or lost with a fumbled change from swim to bike or bike to run.