Brownlee Fitness SQUAD

Brownlee Fitness Squad

We’ve been thinking for a long time how we can help triathletes achieve more specific goals, with exclusive access to our cornerstone sessions as well as added extras we believe important to triathletes’ lifestyles, such as Zwift workouts, Pilates and Q&A sessions. Our answer is the Brownlee Fitness Squad!

There are 2 Brownlee Fitness Squads

Your choice ultimately depends on your target races.

  • Short Course Squad (Available SPRING 22)- is aimed at athletes with their sights set on Sprint & Olympic distance races (Super sprint would also suit this squad).
  • Long Course Squad - is aimed at athletes looking to race 70.3 (middle distance) and Ironman (full distance) races.

The Short Course squad is open to all abilities, beginner to advanced triathletes and we feel the Long Course squad is appropriate for intermediate & advanced triathletes as we don’t think a half/full ironman is appropriate for athletes new to the sport. Instead we suggest following the short course plan for 6 months before stepping up to long course racing. 

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